Monday, September 21, 2009

Tying Up Loose Ends

In Florida, I contacted a realtor and had put my little villa up for sale. It took 2 showings and three days and I had a signed contract for the full asking price.

This was real.

I started phase two of packing and planning. I made arrangements for utilities to be switched on at the farm. I had inspections and appraisals at the villa.

I had to tell friends and family. I had to give notice at work. I had to do the hardest thing imaginable- I had to say Goodbye to everyone I knew. Amazingly enough, as soon as everyone realized when I said I bought the farm, I really meant it, they had more faith in me than I did. I was scared.

My closing in Fl would be in the morning and my closing for the farm would be in the afternoon on the same day, my birthday, no less.

Happy 49th Birthday, me.

I would be staying overnight with a friend to show in my last dog show in Fl and wait for my daughter to get off work as she was riding up with me to help get me settled in. She would be flying back 3 days later. It was such a comfort to have her with me but I was unsettled at the same time. What if she was not comfortable with me staying? The last thing I wanted was for her to worry about me.

I crammed as much as I could in a Pod and off it went. Amazing how much you cannot get in one of those. I took very little furniture save for a few treasured pieces. Being such a rural area that the farm is in, there was no chance of home delivery and set up for the Pod. My only option was to park it at the closest storage area was about 90 minutes away. And pray I would find someone to help me unload and bring my belongings to my new home.

Since living thru three hurricanes and enduring lengthy periods of time with no power, you get pretty good at camping out at home. The same applied to this move. Using that mindset, I packed a few kitchen utensils, blow up bed, work uniforms and clothes suitable for cleaning and painting, basic essentials, every important piece of paperwork known to me, cleaning supplies, lots of cd's, 5 dogs, one cat and one daughter into a aged two door Explorer and hit the road at 6pm Saturday night. The plan was to drive straight thru while the animals slept.

It almost worked. Other than stopping for gas, leg stretches and human potty breaks all went pretty smooth. I was all adenaline and worried for the comfort of the dogs happily snoring in the back.

At about sunrise, an hour away from our destination, my daughter says "Mom, my stomach doesn't feel right."

Stoic person that she is, her stomach had been rumbling in protest for most of the night making her miserable. It finally won when we crossed the city limit sign of my new hometown. Right in the parking lot of the local pizza parlor.

I had arrived.


  1. Awesome, you is.

    But, FIRST, I be;)

  2. that is thrilling. the new house looks gorgeous!! how many acres is your new farm?

  3. Hi there dvm- the farm is 14 acres. Small hobby farm size.

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  5. Thanks for visiting my blog - I'm anxious to read about your move - what an adventure and I'm sure lots of work!

  6. Good morning,

    Congratulations on your purchase I'm sure with time this place will shine. I live alone on a hobby farm but honestly wish it was yours. Here I have 48 acres which is too big for me but can't resigned myself to let go. Here in Quebec places like your new one are extremely hard to find. I keep telling myself it's time to sell before I can't afford this place anymore. Maybe you will be my inspiration. Can't wait to see your place all doodled up.